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Monday, July 28, 2008

Classic Clark

My sweet little guy hardly ever will sit for me let alone smile long enough for me to capture it, and he finally did.  I had room on my memory card after a session last week for about 15 more pics.  I just had to share with him this sweet old truck and he loved it.  He was willing to work it for a minute.  I was able to get some dang cute ones and some pretty quirky ones too.  We just need to work together more and soon he'll be my little super model dude.  Do you think he's in? Well, the last pic basically sums up his opinion about that.  ; )

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer is Sizzling By!

Summer is always a fancy-free, footloose kind of season. I just love it, but it is sizzling by with all the heat, weird-for-this-area weather (ie. tornadoes, hail, lots of rain, etc.) summer parties with family & friends and lots of family sessions!!! I have had so much fun the past 25 days meeting so many people and who they are related too. For some there is no hope, Bonnie, you have to love them, they are your brothers. ; ) For others, we enjoyed every minute together. Really, it's true. Family pictures aren't as "torturous" as you might have once thought. You could really think of it as an adventure, after all how often does your mom & dad make quirky faces and noises, or having Grandpa fall asleep at the picnic table waiting for his turn to have his picture taken? The best is the airplane/windmill pose that is consistent with each session. It is captured in the candids as everyone is wapping and flailing their arms around their own bodies to ward off the blood thirty mosquitoes! Priceless.

Those memory maker moments will soon be posted over the next few weeks. They will be worth the wait. For now I will share a few from this happy & handsome family who had their session before the bulk of the mosquitoes were out. Enjoy!

P.S. Sessions open again Sept. 5, 08. Be sure to book your back to school and family fall sessions.

**Promo** The first three back to school sessions booked (not captured yet) before Sept 5, 2008 will receive a free mp3 player!

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