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Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Cute Families Fall '09

This fabulous family couldn't get enough of me! Actually, I couldn't stop with them and I got away with it because it is my sister and her beautiful family! The sun dropped fast and it was bitter cold once it did. They all stuck it out well though. The last image was their Christmas card. Click on it to see it big, my nieces are darling!!!

This gorgeous mom had the best weather for the end of October. There were dark stormy clouds with beautiful light shining through. It was hard to stop taking her pics. Then her beautiful baby boy came over on December 1st. He worked that camera and how could he not with his cuteness and all that hair! Love it!

Great lookin' family! We had a great time together, exploring, running and pickin' rocks. Sister was my BFF and brother played hard but didn't want to let me know that he really liked it or me. ; ) I love my families!

This darling family braved the big chill in November. Their sweet little girls did so great, but big sister didn't like having her coat off. I thought it was adorable that she had almost the same look in every pic. She might not look like she had a good time, unlike little sis and her lollipop, but she told me that she loved me and blew me a kiss goodbye. It was adorable and I can't wait to see her again in warmer temperatures! ; )

I feel repetitive sometimes, because all my families are awesome. I fall in love with them and their dynamics, personalities and joy that they share, and I get to capture that!!! When it is time to end, I want to invite them over for supper or see what their plans are for Christmas gatherings and such, and then I have to remember to keep it real and say goodbye politely, instead of hug and cry til the next time I see them. Really, that is over the top but it is how I feel about my families. ; ) Look at that cute little butt! How can you not fall in love with that?!

This darling and energetic family had way too many great images! It was super chilly & 80 km winds, but they remained smiling and playful most of the time. ; ) More of their images will be featured on the website, those twins are so cute and little Finn has the best laughing pics with the biggest drool that must be shared with the world. As soon as it is posted on the website I will create a link to it, you won't want to miss it. Thanks awesome family for being so awesome!!!