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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Arrested for being Good Looking?!!

It's true!  This awesome family was almost arrested for being so good looking!!!  ; )  OK, I might be exaggerating a bit, but we did have an RCMP watching us, circling, and then drove right up to us.  I was a bit nervous, but reassured my family that I have permission to trespass, and that we won't be riding in the back of his car to end our session.  I had a lovely chat with the officer, as he told me he watched us at first to make sure we weren't causing (too much) mischief, and he couldn't really tell!  Hee, hee.  Needless to say, their session was arresting!  (hardy, har, har)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Rancher's Baby

This precious little bundle o' joy is so cute, but wasn't so willing this night.  There is a precious one with dad holding him and a large wet spot on dad's arm that I didn't photoshop out, it was too funny.  The babes always seem to get dad when the diapers come off.  This cutie patootie is almost too big for his saddle.  One of his many cousins has a similar saddle pic when he was a newborn too.  (to see it go to Shannon Pratt Photography, sooo cute!)  I'm sure grandpa is just tickled with his posterity and so is our new mom & dad.  Congratulations on your growing family.

A Rancher's Wife

This pretty new mama was a great model and endured through the evening, and mosquitoes, ending with a gorgeous sunset to boot!  She was so kind to let me keep her a bit longer than usual because her husband was on the ranch and baby wasn't ready.  ; )  He is healthy and so handsome.  Congratulations mom & dad!