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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Precious Baby Rowan & her Pretty Momma

We had too much fun as sweet little Rowan slept through almost the whole session. I kept getting distracted just staring at her and her cute little parts, fingers, nose, lips and toes. Babies are definitely heaven sent. Her pretty momma worked it a couple of months earlier and with all that gorgeous hair too! These two pretty ladies are going to have lots of fun shopping together and it is never to early to started! Congrats girls!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Twinners: Nate & Cali

When you see twins, do you think about their life together growing up and the special bond they share, what it is going to be like when they are adults and such? It's almost like a life flash of what is to come for them. Maybe it is just me, but the more time I spend with twins the more fun, mischief, and their unbreakable connection play out in my thoughts of them growing up. Maybe its the late nights editing too. ; ) However, with this little set of twins and the fun family they belong to, there will definitely be a lot of fun and mischief going on. ; ) Congrats mom and dad!