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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sessions Full & Price Change Coming

It is officially summer! Everything is beautiful and very green thanks to all the rain we've received. Everyone is excited to be outdoors and that is why all the sessions are booked through August 18th. That is very fun for me but maybe not so fun if you haven't booked yet. There is lots of time and even more beautiful pictures to come through the following months and into fall.

Be sure to schedule your session for any of the remaining months of 2008 to receive current session fees. A price change will take effect September 1st.

Have a sparkling summer to all and I hope it is captured for your memories forever.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


My sweet Lily-bean has been lost in the archives too! She was the beginning of the March Madness. I will make it up to you sweet girl. She is my beautiful niece and my mom has been dying to see my pictures of her. It is already time to take some more. I'm sure she is over the not liking being naked phase now that she is already three months old! I can't believe it. I'll have more of her to show in her gorgeous blessing dress my mom made her.


Isn't she lovely?!!! We had a lot of fun together. I dared her to go where no prom dress has gone before. Well, not quite, we are saving those for after grad just in case! I had too many favorites, just wish I could put all of them up.

March Madness

Nelson, Susannah & Rebekah

Rebekah has debuted on here before, but I somehow let the rest of my march madness pics get hidden in the folders. Susannah & Nelson braved a very chilly day in March and Rebekah was not happy about it at all. We did manage some cute ones, how could we not with this beautiful family. Speaking of beautiful, my gorgeous sister Keri is working it for me (under my direct orders, of course) across the street. She was trying to keep a straight face as she was getting honked at by passer-bys. So funny. I can't wait to torture her some more. Also, my live model from a class I took. Isn't she fabulous?!

Stirling Lakettes

1A Provincial Basketball Tournament

I love basketball & having court side seats via the camera is great! Especially during the 1A boys provincial 1st place game with Stirling contending! There wasn't a seat in the house. I had fun shooting all the 11 other teams that came to town with my friend Cindi. She did all the head shots for their passes. We had fun together especially when our "photo room" got a bit stinky after all those boys & their "lucky-can't wash" uniforms! ; ) Being my first sporting event I got some fun pics, but really, they move way faster than I'm used too. It was really fun though. Great game guys! Look how cute the girls high school team is too! Maybe next year they will be in provincials too, go Lakers!!!