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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

KYLE & Family ~ We got SPARKS!!!

This handsome guy was so cool, he even brought his parents with him.  ; )  We had a great time shooting some casual/personality shots of Kyle.  It was so fun to see him try not to smile as his dad made faces at him.  He actually held a lot in, what a tough guy.  It was hard for me to hold still from laughing.  We all had a big laugh when we heard what we thought was a rifle fire.  I teased the family that we were technically trespassing (the father of the owner said yes) and that we could be shot at.  We joked that we were taking some death defying pictures and sure enough the rifle went off again.  That time we knew for sure as the pigeons all scattered from above.  Feeling a bit anxious and responsible for this good looking family, I called out with some cute, yet slightly annoying female YOU-WHO calls in hopes to not be shot at as we came around the corner to find the rightful owner of the property.  He turned out to be scaring off the birds so he would keep clean as he worked below them.  He actually debuts in one of our backgrounds.  Our location was great and we are still alive to tell about it!!!  ; )  You can see more of Kyle's pics on the website.